It Has Been Being A Long Time

I have thought about her every single day. It is a hurtful feeling, many times I wish I could be beaten by something to be able to forget her. However, I am afraid that after hitting If I have an opportunity to meet her, I still love her.
Every night and every day, I must struggle with a desire that is sending a message to her to say “I miss you extremely much” like this moment when I am writing these sentences. When we still talked it was only one time she actively sent a message to me. With me, It was the happiest seconds in our “relationship” even the content of that message was only an announcement about her phone had been broken down.
My friend told me that “you are a sensitive boy”. Yes, I completely agree with that view. I have cried when I have been thinking about her and my love numerous times. I suppose I only stay in HCM for a short time but I always fear that I will meet her if it happens, I am very worried that I am not able to control my emotion, I can not hold my tears. It makes me avoid everywhere I think I might encounter her…But I extremely want to see her and saying that I love her.
Em anh yêu em <3 <3.

Some memorable stories.

I believe that I am a thoughtful and romantic man. Especially, in my love.
Her, yes her again….
On our first dating day, I tried to find out what she hates and what she loves to list some places where we could met the first time.
I remember she dislikes noisy places and does not use sugary drinks. After many efforts, I chose several beautiful coffee shops and I sent her. And then she picked one of them, I carefully went there before Meeting her to check everything to ensure that It would make her happy.
Another memory, on her birthday I had many plans to invite her dinner and gifting her roses… I prepared everything before her birthday for1 month. Unfortunately, on those days she traveled to Thailand, I was not able to do anything even I had to call the flower store that please delay the shipping till she came back.
On that birthday, I only sent a message to her and promising that on her next birthdays I will give her flowers on the exact day. Right now, I still really want to do that, but I have no chance to do it…..

She – My bittersweet dreams

I am writing this article on 00h43 November 12nd, 2019.
I have just had a dream…a dream about her.It had a happy ending, after many struggles she stood by me. I could see her very closely where I saw her smile and being able to hold her hands and said that I loved her soooo much. She said, “please, do not leave me again”. I was tearing with tremendous happiness and then I hugged her into my arms. I said that I promised to spend the rest of my life for her, no matter where we would live, no matter what would happen. I would strive to be her best friend, her best soulmate who loves her more than everyone.

Then I woke up, yes, woke up…It has only been a dream, like many other dreams on other nights.
With me after waking up from those dreams, It always is a nightmare…
I do not know how I can deal with the rest of this night…