An unfinished story

Before reading this article, please spend few minutes to think about this question? What is the most regrettable plan in your life?
I have the plan, more accurately, It is an uncompleted story that had initiated by me for our (sadly or only my) love. Since she had said that we would never have any result, I felt so sad, It was really the most painful feeling. At a night we had a dating at a coffee shop, after failing when I said I loved her on the most attractive Island in Vietnam. I decided that I would go away her forever. Before doing that, I really wanted to do any meaningful things to her. I told her that “Please, give me a chance to be with you, only 99 days and then I will go away and never meet you again”. She did not say anything about that. I carried out that plan, every early morning, every very late at night, I used to send my best hope to her via messages. I totally wanted to take care of her, I always worried when she came to late at night or abandoning the breakfast. Yeah, until now, Whatever I have seen, I have known… I always think about her first or associating with her.
One day, when I came into Ca Chep Book store, I saw the book “500 Ngay Yeu – 500 loving days”, I thought that I would write a series of stories about “99-day loving”. In that plan, on the last day, I would say loving her at the most historical place in the most popular City in Vietnam. That place is combined between traditional and modern culture. It is one of the beautiful and romantic in Vietnam. I imagined that I would give flowers and said I loved her. Unfortunately, She was very annoyed about my plan, I felt that she was never happy with whatever I did… I do not know, when I am writing about that story and think about her feeling, I feel very painful in my heart (I swear, everything I write is true…), I feel very hard to breathe. Eventually, my plan only completed about half of the time, that night is also the last night I met her. And I never have another chance to say that I love her directly…Never..never…

I miss you, miss you so much….

— Ha Noi, a cold day—

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