Climbing Ba Den Mountain.

Prior to reading this post as well as my story in Ba Den, So I definitely advise you that, If you have a chance to you to Ba Den Mountain, You have to do that.

Where is the Ba Den and Why I chose that to come?

I started my second trip in 2019 by climbing the highest mountain in southern Vietnam, It is located in Tay Ninh Province, especially, It is really well-known to hikers and trekkers or students in Ho Chi Minh.

Before 2019, I did know anything about Ba Den or even Tay Ninh province. In a my alone trip to Tan Lap Float village in Long An province, I heard 2 my girls who I made friends at that trip, they told me about their plan to climb Ba Den. Soon after that, when I had come back SG I researched more about that place and realized It is one of the most popular for camping or climbing in a short time. It is also one of the highest mountains in the Southern, If you can approach the top of the mountain, It is really the best award for you to view around. When I was there, I also saw many friend groups climbing to the crest for camping.

View from the middle of the mountain

At that time, I was very sad because of a person who I have missed so much. After shaving my hair, I randomly picked somewhere to bury my sadness. Yes, Ba Den was a choice for that time.

It was a tough time to reach the Top

Unfortunately, I decided to go to that place in the hottest month, It was about the middle of April. A great number of words of mouth that climbing the Ba Den mountain is extremely dangerous because of the difficult trails. I have to admit that they are correct, It was very horrible to me beside the obstacle when I tried to move step by step in at a snail’s pace in the deserted atmosphere as well as the boiling hot weather. Not over yet, Because I came to Ba Den in the late afternoon, that made me very worried when I climbed, the fearing that I could reach to the top at very late or when I went down I could not take the bus to back to Sai Gon. Many times, I had the intention that giving up and went back. However, after all, I also was the top, I compensated myself by a short nap and enjoyed the peaceful scene.

The consequence of that strictly climbing was I drunk enormous water when I was climbing and my sweating soaked everything I brought. More badly, One week after that, entire my body was painful. It was very incredible after that time I felt better in terms of health.

So, I thought that trip made me stronger although I could not bury what I wanted lol. I think I will go to Ba Den again. It was a really exciting experience.

————————Ba Den Mountain 15/04/2019———————————————–

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