How to close “The” door?

I used to think that the hardest thing of all relationships is to be fallen in love with someone. From me.
But I was totally wrong when you came into my life and left me alone. More correctly, You had no intention to be with me. But It was just my wish. Yes, The most difficult things, I’ve realized for over a year that How can I forget your face and give up my love for you or how to forget someone who I love more than myself.
You know, this month is November, It’s also the month I started talking with you and expressed my heart to you even that I had had the feeling with you months before. You know what Many wrong things I’ve still done Still stalking your Facebook and Instagram profiles every single day, still sending endless and hopeless messages via your phone number. Your Messenger is also suffering many messages from me. It’s been a very long time. Our Messenger boxes only have one-way messages from me… All of these things prove that forgetting someone who I truly love is definitely much more difficult than falling in love with a new one.
I wrote this article when I’d just saw your facebook profile image. It was like many other times, my heart rate is panic. Everything seems like collapsed… If I can turn back the clock, I wish I had not met you… I wish I could forget your face, your voice. I wish I could close the door of the “room” which has hurt me so much.

…. I miss you….


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