Losses and gains in 2019 – heading new things in 2020

It is time to look back and heading to the new year

The 2019 year is one of the forgettable years.
What were the losses?
If someone asks me about my 2019, I really want to say “F…”. I failed most of my plans for the year.

  • This year, I have spent whole my tears for my secret girl who has taken not only my tears but also has been brought vast sadness to me, who I have written lots of things as well as I spent all my thoughts on her. If you are curious about her, please read more other posts on my blog. I know, It was not her failure. Only one thing is wrong that I love her even love her sooo much. I am pretty sure that I will still spend my 2020 and more to love her 🙁
  • In this year, I spent nearly all my money to travel
  • In this year, I spent the full half of the year to learn English
  • This year, I spent most of my time for myself to meditate and exercise.

What were the gains

  • Pursuing my love even I knew that would not have any results I still lost her but I already did my best.
  • The year that I had the highest number of times in terms of traveling.
  • The year I have improved my most weakness that was my English.
  • The year that I did a little meaningfulness for my family
  • The year that I did a bit of support to my friends.
  • The year that I finished over 1000 kilometers in running

What will things wait for me in 2020

On one day last month, I incidentally realized that I have been too old. Taking a look around my friends, They have many achievements like small families, their own companies or other worth properties…
For many years, I often create a spectacular plan for the next year at the end of the former year. However, In 2020 I promise to myself only several plans:

  • Keeping exercise regularly.’
  • Smile more and cry less.
  • Center everything on my career.
  • Spending my time for my family as much as possible.

2020 – I am looking forward to you

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