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“Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes

But it’s the only thing that I know

When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes

It is the only thing makes us feel alive”

A song and my memorable thing?

I have a habit that hearing music from the Spotify when I run. I hear about many kinds of music. However, only some singers I actually want to listen to their songs. Vietnamese singers, I can name some people like Den Vau, My Tam, Le Cat Trong Ly… Besides local music, I also hear music from international singers I really like hearing Alan Walker, Charlie Puth so on, especially, Ed Sheeran.

Last Saturday, when I was running on my road like every Saturday (I often get up at 4.00 am on Saturday do run). And then my phone played an Ed sheeran’s song “Photograph”. I already heard this song a thousand times before but that day I had a strong feeling about it. An only simple thing, It related to my story about a photo I always brought with me everywhere and every time.

What is the photo? Why is it special?

A few months after I decided to leave her, I deleted everything about her on my phone, my laptop as well as everywhere I could delete. I know, there are some places I am not able to delete that are in my heart and in my mind. So, Before I deleted every digital thing, I had printed the photo of her that the thing I mentioned above. That photo was extremely special because It was the sole physical thing about her I still kept. And not only that, that photo I had took far away and behind her. I knew It was very easy for me to pick her photo from her Facebook or other sources. But I wanted to keep the photo that was taken by me. It was the sad photo like my love and my story. Honestly, I had never a chance to take a photo in front of her. That photo I took behind her as my love, I only stood behind and far away from her.

After I had printed that photo, I put it in my wallet and I often brought and saw it for a long time alongside her photo in my heart. It made me miss her so much. And then, one day I forgot my wallet in my pocket. I threw my trousers into the water. Three hours after, I found my wallet…”Oh shitttt”. I remembered the wrong thing then I picked my wallet from water. The first thing, I tried to find was the photo. Unfortunately, It was broken like my heart…

I Miss You Every Single Day

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