The reason that I never watch the “Mat Biec” film

These days, in the freezing weather in Ha Noi. I read a dozen of news about Mat Biec, It has been fortunate to me that I do not use the social network because I know many my friends will update that film every single hour. In my life story “Mat Biec” is always sad from the Nguyen Nhat Anh’s story to my love.

I already read the Mat Biec long time ago, while I am writing this article, incidentally, my nephew turned on the song “Co Chang Trai Viet Len Cay” in my phone through my bluetooth speaker. Back to my story, after reading that book, I talked to her about that story about Ngan, Ha Lan, Tra Long. That time, I still had opportunities to meet her. One day, She said tome, “Could you go to *** to hang out with her”, I was so happy. She said our dating time about 8h00 PM at a The Coffee House. Actually, I came to that place from 7h00 or 7h30 PM and brought tow books “Mat Biec” and another book that I could not remember right now. Yeah, It was a great night to me, every time that I met her I always feel happy.

I was being on the bus and taking photo by myself for cried moment when I said to her that I would miss her so much

After that day, She did not time to read until a day, when I decided to travel alone to Phan Rang. On the time, when I prepared to set off, I messaged to her that I missed her so much then She said “what is the answers from the others”, initially, I did not understand her question, shortly, I was extremely sad because she explained to me about her question. She thought that I had other loves, I said to her I wanted to go bed and I cried… Until the next morning, I could control my emotions to sent some messages to her. And then, when I was on the bus to come back Ho Chi Minh. I messaged to her again that I missed her. She said she completely reading the Mat Biec Story then I and Her chatted more about that story. She said she was annoyed about Ngan and she also called me “Ngan Minh” (The original term she called me). One moment later, I thought and said to her that “When I watch that movie, I will miss her so much” then I cried again and did not talk to her anymore.

I have been still scared when I suddenly heard the OST of Mat Biec or reading whatever about that film. So, I will definitely never watch that film… unless I have an opportunity to watch together with her

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