She – My bittersweet dreams

I am writing this article on 00h43 November 12nd, 2019.
I have just had a dream…a dream about her.It had a happy ending, after many struggles she stood by me. I could see her very closely where I saw her smile and being able to hold her hands and said that I loved her soooo much. She said, “please, do not leave me again”. I was tearing with tremendous happiness and then I hugged her into my arms. I said that I promised to spend the rest of my life for her, no matter where we would live, no matter what would happen. I would strive to be her best friend, her best soulmate who loves her more than everyone.

Then I woke up, yes, woke up…It has only been a dream, like many other dreams on other nights.
With me after waking up from those dreams, It always is a nightmare…
I do not know how I can deal with the rest of this night…

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