Some memorable stories.

I believe that I am a thoughtful and romantic man. Especially, in my love.
Her, yes her again….
On our first dating day, I tried to find out what she hates and what she loves to list some places where we could met the first time.
I remember she dislikes noisy places and does not use sugary drinks. After many efforts, I chose several beautiful coffee shops and I sent her. And then she picked one of them, I carefully went there before Meeting her to check everything to ensure that It would make her happy.
Another memory, on her birthday I had many plans to invite her dinner and gifting her roses… I prepared everything before her birthday for1 month. Unfortunately, on those days she traveled to Thailand, I was not able to do anything even I had to call the flower store that please delay the shipping till she came back.
On that birthday, I only sent a message to her and promising that on her next birthdays I will give her flowers on the exact day. Right now, I still really want to do that, but I have no chance to do it…..

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