2019 Travel – The First Trip – Riding motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau City

2019 is one of the years that I imprinted to a great number of new destinations, It also marked this year through the experiences that I backpacked alone many times even traveling abroad by oneself. Dozens of experiences have been gained and they are absolutely precious that might go along with me to the end of my life because of the stories behind each ones. I love writing, to remembers these memories, I think I have to write something. It is time for me to review those ones.
My initial decision that was writing entire my 2019 travels in only one post, While I was writing I realized lots of things to do. So I have decided to separate each journey.

Let’s Start With Vung Tau

The opening travel of year: Riding motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau City.The first place I came in this year was Vung Tau City. When I still lived in Ha Noi, I heard, watched and read many things about Vung Tau. I really wanted to travel to Vung Tau. But when I started to live in HCM city, I realized that numerous people in SG are not enthusiastic when they come to Vung Tau. The cause is very funny that Vung Tau is the nearest relaxing place from Sai Gon everyone can go, in the mind of many Saigonese Vung Tau, It is a part of the student life.
With me Vung Tau is still interested, It was my first traveling in 2019 and also my first motorbike trip from the time I came to Sai Gon.

How did I go to that City?
So, As I mentioned, I drove my motorbike from HCM city. That was the first time I went through the popular ferry, It was Cat Lai Ferry Station. Only over 2 hours, I arrived in Vung Tau. It also was so convenient for me with my motorcycle because I could easily move around City in my familiar “horse”.
Another thing about the road, Compare to the north roads, I think that the way from HCM city to Vung Tau city is really good. If you do not want to ride the motorbike, you also choose other transportation like cars or fast boats in Sai Gon River.
Where should you visit to sightsee?
Let me tell you some famous places. You can find many attractive places on Bai Truoc and Bai Tau. I highly recommend you should explore it both in the early morning and late at night.

The View from Pigge Hill

You might find other spectacular sites like Mui Nghinh Phong or Doi Hai Dang. From my point of view, I really love the Piggie Hill, I brought my speaker and a beer bottle on there and sitting down then turned on my favorite list in Spotify after and then drunk beer. It was one of the most chill seconds in my life.

What dishes can we eat in Vung Tau?
The cuisine is always a foremost part in all my explores. But poor for me when I came to Vung Tau because of traveling alone, so I only was able to taste some food. I did not have more chances to taste the food for a large number of people like Lau Mam and so on. Instead of that, I tried to eat some local foods like Bun Mam and Hu Tieu Muc. Until the next time, I hope I could come back to Vung Tau with my love to discover more dishes.

To sum up, I am happy with that trip. I will come back that beautiful city to continue writing this post

Some memorable stories.

I believe that I am a thoughtful and romantic man. Especially, in my love.
Her, yes her again….
On our first dating day, I tried to find out what she hates and what she loves to list some places where we could met the first time.
I remember she dislikes noisy places and does not use sugary drinks. After many efforts, I chose several beautiful coffee shops and I sent her. And then she picked one of them, I carefully went there before Meeting her to check everything to ensure that It would make her happy.
Another memory, on her birthday I had many plans to invite her dinner and gifting her roses… I prepared everything before her birthday for1 month. Unfortunately, on those days she traveled to Thailand, I was not able to do anything even I had to call the flower store that please delay the shipping till she came back.
On that birthday, I only sent a message to her and promising that on her next birthdays I will give her flowers on the exact day. Right now, I still really want to do that, but I have no chance to do it…..

Tiếng chuông nhà thờ xóm đạo.

Tôi sống ở làng quê yên ả, nơi mà có đầy đủ những nét văn hóa những sự thân thuộc ở bất cứ làng quên Bắc Bộ nào bạn gặp. Nhưng điểm đặc biệt ở quê hương tôi đó là tiếng chuông, tiếng chuông của một xóm đạo công giáo. Nhà thờ xuất hiện trước khi làng tôi hình thành vì vậy có thể nói tiếng chuông nhà thờ cũng có tuổi đời lâu nhất. Continue reading